Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation for Productivity, Ergonomics, Space Utilization, Hazards related activity, Material Movements, Pick and Place& Responsive Includes Mechanical elements, Structure, Control systems & Panels Etc…as a Turn Key Solutions


Safety for User and Product is High Level of Design Consideration.

Support system

Pneumatic systems, Induction Motors, Stepper Motors and Servo Motors with suitable control systems are the Part of Industrial Automation based on the customer requirements with cost.

Conveyor and sub systems

Types : PUBelt, Roller, Chain, Over Head, Plastic & Rubber

Application : Product Assembly & Integration, Product / Material Movement, Storage / Inventory Support & Custom made Conveyor Solutions.

Support system : Conveyor System made of Sheet Metal / Metal Structure or Aluminum Extrusions with related accessories. The total system controlled by Controller Unit or PLC System, Material Supply for Conveyor System

Pick & Place

This Operation Support can perform for Following

  • Loading/Unloading
  • Production Support
  • Process Related
  • Dispenser Units

Linear /Rotary Movements

  • Linear Motion Achieved by using
  • Linear Ball Screw Mechanism with Guides, Belt & Pulley Drives & Rack and Pinion Arrangement
  • With LM Blocks and Rails, Pneumatic Cylinders / Road less Cylinders & Electrical Actuators

Rotary Movements

Controlled Rotary Mechanism with CAM, Stepper / Servo Controlled Motor & Pneumatic Actuators.


Different Type of Sensors and Counters, Limit Switches is the key elements.