Engineering Solutions And Value Engineering

Engineering Solutions

Engineering solutions can be customized to the Products/Processes for improvements / Performance and reduction of overall cost involvement.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is concerned with new products. It is applied during product development. The focus is on reducing costs, improving function or both, by way of teamwork-based product evaluation and analysis. This takes place before any capital is invested in tooling, plant or equipment. Product Life Cycle and Development activities can be improved based on the requirements.

  • we apply a set of parameters namely type of product , priority of functions /aesthetics , DFA/DFM considerations , Specs & applicable standards, Product Life , manufacturing cost to meet all of these
  • We employ techniques like FMEA to decide severity of any bottle necks & plan solution for the same .Trade-offs between various options of design ,material & processes are considered a vis cost. Any virtual analyses required to validate strength/function/ manufacturing feasibility are performed
  • Tangible results in the form of a conclusive document specifying choices examined & those selected are produced. All supporting documents/reports are attached with this document.