Component Supply

Component Supply

Mechanical Parts and Assemblies based on the Engineering Requirements. Supply involves the following:

Casting Components Supply:

Iron / Steel Castings parts can develop by using wooden / Aluminium patterns. Also casting mould tool development possible. Non-Destructive Testing for the Parts Qualitylike Radiography Test, Ultrasonic Test & X-RayTest First Article Report for the development part status for Acceptance/Rejection. Machining of the Casting Parts, Production Jigs & Fixtures Development is the part of Parts Supply. Aluminium Pressure Die casting components can be supplied.

Sheet metal Part Supply:

Laser Cutting, CNC Shearing, CNCBending & CNC Punching processes can be supported. Shearing, Metal Forming, Riveting, TigWelding,Mic Welding & Spot Welding Material CRCA, SS Different Grades & Aluminium Different Grade Etc... Metal Plating, Blackening Anodizing for Aluminium Parts or Powder Coat / ExternalPaintingetc.

Precision Machined Components:

CNC Machined Components with required external Finish involves Glass bead & Aluminium Oxide Blasting with Plating or Powder Coat or painting Acrylic part Development: Plastic parts can be developed with wooden pattern Forming, laser cutting and joining methods. Material Acrylic (Clear or White), PC Rubber parts development: Parts can be developed with different Hardness value and mould and different method used to develop the parts.

Rapid Proto Type (RPT) Part Supply:

We used to supply Rapid Proto parts to our customers for their development needs. Process and material mentioned below

  • Selective Lase Sintering (SLS) - Nylon Poly amide
  • Stereo lithography (SLA ) – Polycarbonate & ABS Plastic
  • FDM - Polycarbonate & ABS Plastic
  • Vacuum Casting - RTV Resin & PU &
  • Metal Printing for Mild Steel & SS

Based on the customer requirements we are supporting the projects. Also Thread Insert Support and external painting or laser engraving marks can be supported.